Friday, 4 March 2011

A fictious tale containing no more than 700 words

Inspired by Ziv Navoth's book of the same name, this blog aims to showcase your very own nanotales. Submission is simple; click the link in the sidebar, follow the instructions and in to time at all you could see your work on here. Each tale will be open for comments and contributors can call up their tale using the search box provided, in order to see how it's been received by readers.


Billy said...
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Anonymous said...

Something went terribly wrong here.

The remaining structure proclaims a furious optimism--a fervent belief in a future richly populated with tight packages of character, plot and theme, enriching minds across the internet.

But there is nothing but a baleful wind blowing over these hollow, bleached bones now.

"...look upon my works, ye might, and tremble."

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